Legal Linda Increased Website Leads by 77%

At Legal Linda, we are committed to respecting our customers request for anonymity, so we do not disclose our customer’s name in this case study. However, we hope this case study still inspires you.


This 2 attorney, family law & criminal defense firm felt they were missing out on leads and wanted to turn more of their website visitors and interested prospects into clients. The law firm implemented Legal Linda to instantly engage with every website visitor and provide 24/7, on-demand service.


  • Legal Linda increased total website leads by 77% compared to the previous 2 months

  • Legal Linda accounted for 43% of all website leads

This masked law firm is a 2-attorney firm, specializing in family law and criminal defense. As a respected and growing law firm in the Tampa – St. Petersburg area, they acquire most of their leads through word of mouth and paid advertisements.

Although this firm had a solid marketing budget and consistently gained new leads from their website, the managing partner worried they were missing out on the prospective clients who visit the website but don’t actually contact the firm. So, they considered implementing a quicker and more innovative way to engage with prospects. Specifically, they desired to increase website conversion rates and, consequently, increase the overall revenue of the firm. 

To ensure they were giving themselves the best opportunity to accomplish their goal, they turned to Legal Linda.

According to their website data, the firm averaged 13 qualified new website leads per month prior to implementing Legal Linda. During their 2 month trial with Legal Linda, their website leads increased by 77%, up from their average of 13 new website leads to a whopping 23 qualified leads per month. Legal Linda also accounted for 43% of the total amount of website leads generated during the trial.

Due to the effectiveness of Legal Linda, this boutique firm has been able to confidently reach monthly revenue goals. They are no longer worried about losing interested prospects to other law firms or ever missing out on potential clients. Legal Linda is now a pillar of their firm and has allowed them to optimize every marketing dollar.

*These results are exceptional and all law firm results are unique. There is no guarantee that your firm will do better or worse than these results.


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